The lodging at the historic Fretheim Hotel in Flam (pictured below) is the perfect base camp for some unforgettable activities. This is where the Sognefjord ends and the Flam railway begins.

As you walk out, you can see the waterfalls cascading down the misty mountains. The fjord and FjordSafari is just a short walk from the hotel. They equip you with everything needed for your ride in the RIB boat. Goggles, boots, a one piece suit, and mittens all ensure a warm, dry fun ride.

The tour I was on was large and required two boats. We passed a herd of goats on the side of a mountain, too many waterfalls to count, farms, campers, and a Viking village. The scenery grew more stunning around every bend.

Though the sky threatened to open up on and off, it never did. The tour was called Heritage Taste FjordSafari. It took three hours and made a stop at beautiful Undredal Village located right on the fjord. The goats outnumber the people there. The goat cheese was the finest, and lunch with a view was second to none. It really needs its own blog post, so I’ll include it next time. Here are a few more fjord shots!