Beautiful Bergen. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site in Norway. I only had two days to spend there, so I jam packed as much as I could into the time.

I walked along the old wharf with gabled buildings and narrow passages. I found beautiful architecture and shops.

There have been fires that have caused rebuilding. However, the charm is still there. Clouds threatened to open up, but rain has nothing on Bergen! If you wait long enough the sun comes out! The funicular (an amazing invention to save climbing the mountain) was next on my agenda!

Seven mountains surround this “gateway to the fjords”. Words can’t do them justice, so here is Bergen from above!Goats were grazing calmly as the funicular climbed slowly up the mountain. There’s a restaurant atop here. There are paths everywhere, and hikers and tourists abound. After admiring this gorgeous place, I decided to shop and dine. I had heard the king crab was a must. The shops are so pretty and quaint, and the food was so delicious. I am running out of room, so posts on that will have to wait.