Night transformed Hoi An from fun to magical with Lanterns and Candle lit wishes for sale. After a bit of relaxation from shopping and cooking, it was time to experience this old port town’s nightlife.

Hoi An, in Vietnam, is an ancient town that was once a huge port. It’s full of history and canals. French colonial buildings also are spotted amongst the local buildings.

The sun was setting on the Thu Bon River, and locals were already selling their wares. Food and vegetables turned to lit candles and a night market. The streets were all aglow with lanterns and lights.
This once major port was filling up quickly with tourists and locals alike. The absence of cars gives it a nice atmosphere, with only the occasional motor bike going past.
During the 16th and 19th centuries, it was a South-East Asian trading port. Unesco now honors it as a unique heritage site.

I purchased 3 wish candles. I lit them one by one and sent them floating down the Thu Bon River knowing that they had to come true in such a magical atmosphere. Walking along the river I decided to cross the people packed bridge. I was jostled and squished en route, but it was well worth it. A huge lit up 2016 monkey for Year of the monkey, a lit fish, and other marvels awaited me. It was a fun-filled busy night  that I will fondly recollect for years to come. Especially when I see lanterns in the dark.