Once Hoi An was a South East Asian Trading Port during the 15th and 19th centuries. Now it is a State owned tourist destination. It’s located on the North bank of the Thu Bon River in the Quang Nam Province.

The market in Hoi An is as unique as the Heritage Site itself. The red fruit pictured above and cut open is Dragonfruit. I had it everyday for breakfast in Vietnam. I even had some for breakfast in Angkor Wat (another tale to come.) Spices, exotic fruits, vegetables, whole chickens, and meats line the stalls. All the while motorcycles are whizzing by shoppers and locals selling their wares.

After seeing the market the tour stopped at Brother’s Cafe. A culinary cooking lesson awaited us all. Brother’s is in an old French Police Compound right on the Main Street. The back of it opens onto the Thu Bon River.

I’m not sure what I liked better: the view or the aromas wafting around the grills!
I learned to make rice paper rolls, Hoi An Pancakes, and a mouthwatering stew! I even tried their specialty below:   YES, those really are MEALY WORMS.

As I always say, “When in Rome……”. When I’m in another country, I believe in immersing myself in their culture, even if it involves mealy worms.
Hoi An at night is even more spectacular. Tune in again to see that adventure!