This is the incredible fortress of Hohenwerfen Castle. The town of Werfen, Austria lies far below. It is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps. I had a tour there and attended a Falcon Show by the Historic State Falcon Court. The view of the Salzachtal Valley of Austria was improved only by the sight of these beautiful birds soaring overhead. The Falcons were released above my head by the castle. They flew down to the Falconer and soared incredibly far and high. They were only too happy to come back to their meal. They walked by me less then 2 inches on their way uphill to the castle. One was released and he flew so close to me, I can still hear the whoosh of his wings in my ears. The Castle is incredible. I had a tour of the pitch kitchen, the armory, other parts of the castle, and the Bell Tower, whose bottom floor was a dungeon. It’s now a gift shop! The fortress has stood for over 900 years, seen a lot of seiges, and held a lot of prisoners. It’s view is beautiful….. it’s history fascinating….

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This is part of the castle through a window in the Bell Tower.